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Holiday Lighting

Residential Lighting

Residential Lighting, Frisco, TX Everyone enjoys having beautiful home lights on their property, particularly during the holidays and other festive occasions. Setting up all the lights and ensuring that the outdoor areas are decorated with appropriate residential lighting themes is a laborious process. This Christmas season, why not relax and let the professionals at Jack Frost Lights take care of this critical task for you?
This is our specialty, and we've assisted many people over the years with their holiday and other home lighting projects. Our crew is innovative and works hard to provide our customers' residences in the area distinctive appearance.

Why Hire Us For Residential Lighting?

Some homeowners believe they can do this task themselves. However, we do not advise you to do this. Even if you have time, using ladders to reach high places in your landscape and house structure to hang fairy lights can be dangerous. Lighting your house might be difficult if some sections are challenging to reach. We use high-quality Everlight products to provide dependable and on-time home holiday lighting solutions. The following are some advantages of opting for these lighting fixtures:

  • Because of their versatility, our lights are perfect for all kinds of residential illumination, including holiday and special event lighting.
  • The app's dimming function is excellent for creating the perfect atmosphere.
  • You can make practically any shade with the color wheel. If you have existing outside lights, you may match the color temperature of the new ones.
  • Custom sequences with 85 unique color/brightness permutations may be designed by customers utilizing our customizable system. It offers you total control over all of the lights in the house in many cases.
  • In comparison to other similar apps, the one used to operate these lights is incredibly user-friendly. The process is completely automated and can be modified using various settings via your phone.
  • Inclement weather conditions are no match for our unique waterproof lighting and connectors.
  • LEDs have a 50,000-hour life expectancy! To put it another way, that's like keeping the lights on nonstop for seven years.
  • The lights and wires are protected from fading due to UV radiation since they are weatherproof.

Customized Holiday Lighting Services

For this project, we can also use the lights you already have while installing new ones. Our lighting specialists will unpack and set them after consulting with you extensively. As far as ornamental Christmas lights go, we're happy to assist you in finding them if you need them.

Our team of highly creative individuals develops outdoor lighting designs, and they highlight your home's architectural features perfectly. Our tailored lighting services help ensure that your property stands out from others in your neighborhood this holiday season.

If you are looking for a residential lighting expert in Frisco, TX please call Jack Frost Lights at 972-712-5293 or drop us a line via this Online Form. We will get back to you soon to answer your queries and discuss your requirements.

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